At Repose Birth Services, our mission is clear and straightforward: we are dedicated to offering inclusive and sustainable doula care in the New Jersey and NYC area, allowing growing families to thrive.

Recognizing the shortcomings in our current maternity care system, we aim to bridge the gaps. Traditional doctor visits often lack the personal touch needed to adequately prepare parents for childbirth and the postpartum period. We understand that many parents receive limited breastfeeding education both before and after childbirth, sometimes being pressured into formula feeding. Furthermore, waiting up to six weeks to see a healthcare provider after giving birth can be a crucial and challenging time for parents.

Our personalized doula care steps in to address these issues. We provide comprehensive childbirth education through both hands-on, in-person sessions and accessible online resources, allowing parents to learn at their own pace. We prioritize individualized support, taking care of our clients as people beyond what medical providers offer. We believe in advocacy, ensuring that our clients’ voices are amplified and taken seriously within medical settings. We also acknowledge the benefits of breastfeeding for both parents and babies, and provide each one of our clients lactation education & and support so they can make a more informed decision on how to feed their baby.

Doulas change lives. Our support and advocacy are backed by research that demonstrates the positive impact of doula care. Studies show a reduced risk of preterm birth and c-sections, improved breastfeeding outcomes, and lower maternal morbidity rates. While we fill crucial gaps in maternal care, it's important to note that we will never replace the role of doctors and medical professionals. Instead, we work in tandem with healthcare providers to ensure parents receive the well-rounded support they need, empowering them to make informed choices for their journey into parenthood.

Our Mission in Detail

We envision a future where all parents are empowered with knowledge and resources, enabling them to make the best choices for their own bodies and their babies. Our core values include community, equity, and self-care.

At Repose Birth Services, we wholeheartedly recognize that certain groups, including Black women, the LGBTQ+ community, those with disabilities, and individuals with bigger bodies, face disproportionate discrimination and undignified care within medical institutions. We are committed to going above and beyond to ensure our clients are given the utmost respect and protection during childbirth. Making birth safer for women and other pregnant individuals is not just a mission but the very essence of our work.

We firmly believe that every person deserves compassionate and equitable care throughout their birthing journey, regardless of your background or identity. With us, you can trust that your voice will be heard, your choices will be honored, and your dignity will be upheld.

We practice what we preach within our business model, which is designed to support the ecosystem of wellness within our community. We are committed to ensuring that every doula on our team receives an equitable and sustainable wage, proudly surpassing industry standards. This is especially important to us, as every doula on our team identifies as a woman of color, a group that's historically underpaid and undervalued for the work they perform. Our rates reflect not only our professionalism but also our commitment to pay equity and social justice.

Diversity, Equity and Sustainability:

Serving most of NJ and NYC, including Jersey City, Hoboken, Newark, Millburn, Livingston, Springfield, Clark, West Orange, Montclair, Bloomfield, Westfield, Union, Sayreville, Woodbridge, Edison, East Brunswick, Freehold, Marlboro, Matawan, Manalapan, Red Bank, Short Hills, Livingston, Cherry Hill, Mt. Holly, Mt. Laurel, Voorhees Township, Magnolia, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, & surrounding areas.

Specializing in supporting VBAC, IVF, C-section, & single parent families.
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